A visual inventory for
personal use

Put your clutter in storage knowing where
to find it when you need it.

The true secret behind Scandinavian living

Ever wondered how Scandinavians get all the space and light you see in interior design magazines?

Well, the secret is really simple - we use tools to organize our storage in ways that we don’t need all our stuff laying around.

With Vidder - you can get a home as perfect as in a magazine too. Get started today!


Smart & Easy to Use

Quick Import

Import a bunch of photos at the same time and Vidder will sort out the categorization for you.

Smart Search

All item photos are tagged and made searchable based on the content of the photo.

Easy to Use

Vidder is built to be super quick and efficient in adding and removing stuff from your inventory.

Simple Structure

Photo items, put them in boxes and insert your boxes at locations. Simple as that.


Mostly Free

Free Up to 150 Items

Use Vidder as much as you like storing up to 150 items completely free!

Subscription Plans

Store up to 500 items with Vidder for $9 per year or up to 2000 items for $19 per year. If you wish to store even more items, please contact sales!

How it Works

Clutter Free in 3 Simple Steps

  • 1. Prepare

    Decide what you want to store and get one or more labeled boxes for it

  • 2. Snap Photos

    Use Vidder to photo all your items and add them to their respective boxes.

  • 3. Store

    Put your items into storage, now easily searchable in the Vidder app!

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About Us

We Love Open Spaces

About Vidder

Vidder is Swedish and means expanse, an uninterupted space - just like how we want your home to feel!

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